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“If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd” - Sir John Templeton

TT Club becomes Universal Trader

TT Club has changed it's name to Universal Trader because when we talked about the TT Club people thought we were something to do with either Audi or motorbikes. So to clear up any confusion we have changed the name to Universal Trader so it is a lot simpler and  the name is now specific to what we do.

Universal Trader

The aim and intention of this website is not only to step away from ‘the crowd’, but also to help people become better and more successful traders and to showcase different trading methods. Our aim is to become the most respected and successful stock trading community in the world. 

Geared as a tailored support tool designed by professional traders for the retail trader (people trading from home with their own money) the creators of Universal Trader appreciate how challenging the trading process can be. Thus having a support mechanism offering first-hand trading support (however big or small) from someone who has walked in your shoes, can add real value to your daily trading function and confidence.

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